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Honeydew is available year round but is at its best from late summer into autumn.It has hard, smooth skin and pale, juicy, slightly crisp flesh which is fragrant and delicately delicious when fully ripe but can be rather tasteless otherwise. The main variety is greenish-white, ripening to cream, but there is also a golden variety, the yellow honeydew. A perfect melon needs little more than to be sliced and served with a teaspoon for scooping, or in wedges to be eaten out of hand. Melons are one of those fruits that are technically a vegetable, related to other vine crops such as pumpkin, gourd and cucumbers. To Store: Store ripe honeydews in the fridge for up to 4 days, but bring back to room temperature before eating. Cut honeydews should be well covered with plastic wrap, as the smell of melon permeates everything near it.



Over the years we have built up solid relations with market vendors and can negotiate great prices for our customers taking care not to sacrifice on quality. As part of our handpicking procedure, we check for bruising, ripeness and general quality and are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 24 hours. Our produce arrives off the trucks and is packed and delivered to you on the same day.


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