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Peach $$SPECIAL$$

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The true season for the peach is mid to late summer. Peaches do not ripen further after picking, they will soften but never attain full, ripe sweetness. They can be either clingstone (when cut, the flesh clings to the stone) or freestone (when cut, the flesh will fall or twist cleanly away from the stone), and white or yellow flesh. White peaches are scented and luscious. They are too fragile for some cooking methods but can be poached in their skins.Peaches are well complemented by the flavours of almonds, champagne, vanilla, raspberries, wine, dashes of cinnamon or cardamon, yogurt and cream. To Store: Store for up to 3 days at room temperature unless they are already very ripe. If stored in the fridge, bring back to room temperature before serving, as they are less flavour some when chilled.



Over the years we have built up solid relations with market vendors and can negotiate great prices for our customers taking care not to sacrifice on quality. As part of our handpicking procedure, we check for bruising, ripeness and general quality and are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 24 hours. Our produce arrives off the trucks and is packed and delivered to you on the same day.


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