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Luscious, juicy pineapple needs little to improve upon its raw perfection and is best enjoyed in sweet slices, as well as in fruit salads or cakes. But it's also sublime in savoury dishes such as curries, as its gentle acidity cuts the richness of meats such as pork and duck. Generally pineapples can be classed as rough-leafed or smooth-leafed. The former are particularly aromatic and have sweet, dark golden flesh, while the latter are large, very juicy when ripe, but not as sweet as roughies. The colour of the skin doesn't necessarily indicate the ripeness of the fruit.To Prepare: To trim and peel a pineapple, first cut off the leafy top, then cut off the base. Stand the fruit upright on the cut base and run your knife down the side, cutting off the thick skin in strips. To remove the "eyes", use a small knife to cut v-shaped grooves that follow the pattern of the eyes around the fruit. Slice pineapple in half length ways, and cut out the touch core, then cut into slices or dice. To Store: Store ripe pineapples at room temperature for no longer than 1-2 days, or in the fridge for up to 4 days, in a plastic bag and with the leaves still attached.



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