Pumpkin Jap

Pumpkin Jap

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Pumpkin is available year round but its peak season is from autumn to winter. Jap or Japanese pumpkin, also known as the Kent variety, is small with easily peeled, mottled green and yellow skin and sweeter flesh than most other varieties. From silky pumpkin soups, creamy pumpkin risottos, sweet pumpkin pies and scones, to the soft, caramelised baked pumpkin alongside the traditional Sunday roast, there could be no more comforting winter vegetable. To Prepare: Thin-skinned varieties don't need peeling as the skin is edible, although many cooks prefer to remove it first. Thick skin should be cut off. To Store: Store whole pumpkins in a cool ventilated place for up to two months. Cut pumpkin is very perishable so once cut, remove the seeds, cover with cling wrap and store in the fridge for up to one week.

qtr 0.7-1.1kg


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