Kiwi Fruit Large $$SPECIAL$$

Kiwi Fruit Large $$SPECIAL$$

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Although you can generally find kiwi fruit in the markets year-round, their peak season is from autumn to winter.Native to China and originally called Chinese gooseberries, kiwi fruit were so-named by New Zealand growers and marketers, as it was there that the fruit was first commercially grown. Kiwi fruit is a great healthy snack, used to decorate pavlovas or other desserts. Mix with ice-cream and fruit salad. Slice on top of cereal, with yogurt. To Prepare: Kiwi fruit is usually peeled before eating or scooped from the skin with a teaspoon as the thin brown skin is hairy, but the entire fruit can be eaten if the hairs are rubbed off with a paper towel and rinsed away. To Store: If you don't intend to use immediately , store in the fridge for 4-5 weeks. Bring out of fridge when needed, to ripen out at room temperature.

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