Pear Packam

Pear Packam

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Packam, is a large, often bumpy pear which is slow to ripenbut, when it does so, is very juicy with sweet, subtle flavour. The skin may remain green when ripe or may change to light yellow. Used firm, it is a good cooking pear. It is available from autumn through to spring. A fine pear is equally at home with savoury companions or with sweet ones, as good poached in a red-wine syrup and served with ice-cream as it is with a glass of red wine and some bread and freshly cut parmesan, or with blue cheese, walnuts and a sweet dessert wine. As cut or peeled pears discolour quickly, it should be brushed with lemon juice unless it is to be used or served immediately. Pears should be stored at room temperature until ripe. Pears need oxygen around them so should not be stored on top of one another or enclosed in a plastic bag at any stage.



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