Lettuce Cos - Baby $$SPECIAL$$

Lettuce Cos - Baby $$SPECIAL$$

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Cos and baby cos lettuce are available all year. Cos lettuce is a robust, strong flavoured long lettuce that is perfect for caesar salads. Baby cos lettuce tends to have less wastage than cos lettuce as the course outside leaves don't have to be disguarded on a baby cos. To Prepare: Remove and discard the tough outer leaves before use and pull away the inner leaves. These need to be washed well before using - don't soak lettuce as this can make the leaves limp and soggy. Dry leaves well after washing using either paper towels or a salad spinner, as the salad dressing will adhere better if the leaves are dry. Always dress lettuce just before you serve it. To Store: Store in a perforated plastic bag or paper bag in the fridge crisper for up to 5 days.

each 2


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