Garlic Whole

Garlic Whole

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Garlic is available year round, but its peak season is during spring and summer. While garlic is botanically classed as a vegetable, being the bulb of one of the onion family, it is most often used, in the same way as a spice or herb, to contribute its flavour to other ingredients. It is used in most of the world's cuisines and is especially associated with Mediterranean and Asian cooking. To Prepare: The easiest way to peel garlic is to lay the cloves on a board, place the flat side of a large knife blade over the clove and bang the knife with the heel of your hand. The skin will then just pull away. The best way to chop garlic is to chop the cloves with a little salt, which will help break down and soften the garlic. A garlic crusher may also be used. To Store: Keep garlic away from humidity in a cool, dark place, and it will keep for a few weeks.



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