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Ginger is the hot, spicy, juicy rhizome (root-like stem) of a tropical plant thought to be originally from Eastern Asia .Fresh ginger is thick and nobly and grows underground by adding on joints. Ginger is harvested twice a year, in late summer and winter. Early-harvested ginger is immature and crisply tender with a sweeter and less pungent flavour than late harvested, which is both hotter and more fibrous. Fresh ginger is fundamental to the cooking of India and most other Asian countries. Fresh ginger to be used in cooking is peeled, then sliced, chopped, ground in a mortar or grated. To Store: Store ginger in the same way as onions and garlic, away from heat and light and in a place where air can circulate.



Over the years we have built up solid relations with market vendors and can negotiate great prices for our customers taking care not to sacrifice on quality. As part of our handpicking procedure, we check for bruising, ripeness and general quality and are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 24 hours. Our produce arrives off the trucks and is packed and delivered to you on the same day.


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