Lettuce Fancy

Lettuce Fancy

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Coral lettuce, butter lettuce and green and red oak lettuce come under the umbrella of fancy lettuce. Fancy lettuce is available all year. Lettuce teams well with other salad ingredients such as avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and bread, cheese, herbs and meat. To Prepare: Wash leaves before use. Don't soak lettuce as this can make the leaves limp and soggy. Dry leaves well after washing using either paper towels or a salad spinner, as the salad dressing will adhere better if the leaves are dry. Always dress lettuce just before you serve it. To Store: Store in a perforated plastic bag or paper bag in the fridge crisper for up to 5 days.



Over the years we have built up solid relations with market vendors and can negotiate great prices for our customers taking care not to sacrifice on quality. As part of our handpicking procedure, we check for bruising, ripeness and general quality and are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 24 hours. Our produce arrives off the trucks and is packed and delivered to you on the same day.


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