Avocado Hass

Avocado Hass

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The Hass is one of the most popular varieties. It makes up over 75% of Avocados in Australia. It is smallish with a pebbly skin, which ripens to a purple/black colour. It contains a small stone and has a dense, nutty, fibre free flesh. Keeps well. Team Hass avocados with bacon, chicken, prawns, tomatoes, chillies and limes. To prepare: Cut round the avocado length ways, going right into the stone, then pick it up in both hands and twist to separate the two halves. Replace the stone in the remaining fruit and cover the whole tightly with plastic wrap. To store: Allow avocados to ripen in the fruit bowl, hastening the process if necessary by enclosing them with a ripe banana in a paper bag.



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