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Fresh sorrel is available from the markets year round. The refreshing acid tang of sorrel is magic with fish, veal and chicken and gives lift to green salads. It is especially good in creamy soups and cream sauce for fish, veal, pork, potatoes or carrots. It can also be cooked like spinach and served as a vegetable in its own right. Cook sorrel in non-reactive pans as aluminum ones can discolour it. Add sorrel at the end of the cooking process to retain its full flavour. Store: Wrap a piece of folded absorbent paper round the end of the stem, wet it, enclose loosely in a plastic bag and refrigerate.



Over the years we have built up solid relations with market vendors and can negotiate great prices for our customers taking care not to sacrifice on quality. As part of our handpicking procedure, we check for bruising, ripeness and general quality and are happy to exchange or refund your purchase within 24 hours. Our produce arrives off the trucks and is packed and delivered to you on the same day.


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