Capsicum Red

Capsicum Red

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Also known as sweet peppers, capsicums are members of the same family as hot chillies. They are sweeter in taste and don't have the lingering heat of a chilli. Their strong colours, crunchy texture and distinctive flavour enliven salads and stirfries.When preparing a capsicum , cut in half, remove seeds and white ribs and slice up or cut up as desired. Capsicums are perfect for stuffing whole, then baked with a filling of your choice. All capsicums start life as a green capsicum, but left on the plant long enough they turn from green to red, yellow, orange or purple as they ripen. To Store: Store whole capsicums in the crisper. Store cut capsicums in a paper bag enclosed in a plastic bag in the fridge for a few days.

each 200-400gm


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